Pakistan and the New Asian Security Concept

Un testo che chiarisce il nesso tra la sicurezza di Islamabad e la linea cinese di sicurezza asiatica globale.

The Chinese president Xi Jinping presented the concept of New Asian Security, at the fourth summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA). This is not a new concept as the previous Chinese regimes had been working on it since the 1990s; which envisions a regional security approach that emphasizes the role of Asian countries in dealing with their affairs instead of looking towards the West for solutions. The continent of Asia is fast emerging as the epicenter of the global political, economic and military power in unison with the progressive contraction of Western holdand ascendancy over global affairs. While the 21stCentury may not emerge as The Asian Century, as many people may have believed; but it is an irrefutable fact that it will be Asia, not the West which would be in the box seat to usher in the global transformation. In this regard China, India and Japan can be viewed as serious contenders for global power status in the nascent New World Order.

Fonte: Intitute for Strategic Studies
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