Gli interessi Usa in Africa

Ancora sugli Usa in Africa. Una discussione riservata ma non troppo tra alcuni decisori statunitensi.

African agriculture, financial services, manufacturing, and construction are promising sectors attracting international trade and investment. The U.S., therefore, is not the only prospective partner in Africa. We seek constructive, results-oriented relationships with other foreign interests who wish to develop Africa’s infrastructure and tackle humanitarian and security issues. We must, however, be aware of interests that run counter to our own, as a larger number of external actors take a great interest in Africa. Though some of their actions contribute to Africa’s infrastructure and defense, some of these actors are impeding the continent’s long-term stability, economic growth and financial independence. Moreover, external actors may diminish U.S. influence by undermining our development and diplomatic efforts in Africa, and we share this message with our African partners during all levels of engagement. Nonetheless, as the strategic environment becomes more crowded and competitive, our engagement with external actors, like China and Russia, will continue with an open and clear discussion of intersecting interests and differences.
Extremes in poverty, limited infrastructure, predatory governance, inadequate health care, and in many cases, violent ideology, exist throughout Africa juxtaposed with enormous economic potential and strategic opportunity. This volatile environment creates instability and uncertainty and allows violent extremist organizations (VEOs) to grow and recruit from disenfranchised populations. Keeping military pressure on this VEO network is our third strategic theme. This cycle of disenfranchisement and recruitment feeds extremist movements that aspire to spread their violent ideology. For instance, a youth population with significant unemployment and who are being harassed by predatory and rights-abusing governments and security forces create the perfect hotbed in which to garner ideological support and recruit fighters who will target our partners, allies, and U.S. interests. VEOs also utilize existing illicit networks to move drugs, weapons and persons across the continent. They foment fear and distrust which undermine governments, and when combined with the despair caused by lack of hope for the future, provide for VEO expansion. These VEOs are a significant threat to our partners, allies, and U.S. interests on the continent.

Fonte: U.S. House of Representatives
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