Difesa Europea e Contractors

La visione europea, con attenzione soprattutto alla Francia, per la politica delle acquisizioni in ambito della Difesa. Che è comunque essenziale anche per il nuovo ruolo dei contractors.


The Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy presented by the High Representative Federica Mogherini to the EU Council in June 2016 nurtures the ambition of strategic autonomy for the European Union. As mentioned in this global strategy, a solid European defence technological and industrial base (EDTIB) is essential for Europe’s strategic autonomy and for a credible CSDP, which means the existence of a sustainable, innovative and competitive European defence industry, including relevant prime contractors and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).
Within the framework of this objective of EU strategic autonomy, the roles of prime contractors and SMEs in the arms industry are different but equally important. The objective of this paper is to describe these roles in the prime contractor/SME supply chain and propose a policy regarding the EU funding of future European defence equipment programmes, Research and Technology (R&T) programmes, Research and Development (R&D) programmes, even acquisition programmes, as currently proposed or studied by the European Commission by way of direct EU funding or a European defence fund. This policy could be useful in the framework of the current proposals or reflexions for the consolidation of the European arms industry.

Fonte: IRIS – The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs
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